How to create a poll in WhatsApp group.

How to create a poll in WhatsApp group

How to make a poll with handypolls

Follow the link: If you still don’t have an account please register. Thus, you will be able to track your poll analytics and to manage polls.

Proceed to “My polls” section. Click “Create a poll” button and fill in all the data.

create new poll

Handypolls supports most of the devices. So it will be quite convenient for you to create a poll both from the mobile device and from PC. Create a poll and the response options, click Enter or navigation button (on mobile device) then the cursor will move to the next field.

Enter your question and answer options

Check the poll settings before creating it. In this case the poll should be accessible for everyone’s voting. Set “Who can see the poll results” option as you wish.

Check the poll settings

After reviewing the poll click “Create and get link”. Ready! The poll is created.

How to publish a vote in WhatsApp

WhatsApp has no own instruments for creating votes. There are two ways to publish a poll there: send a link to an external instrument or publish a poll inside the messenger as a text and give links for voting.

After creating a vote choose “Share on WhatsApp” option in the appeared window. If you are creating votes on a mobile device you will be redirected to the messenger where you will be able to choose a needed group.

Create a poll Share on whatsapp

Poll in whatsapp. First step

After publishing the group participants will vote for the chosen option simply through opening the correspondent link. Now you will have even more feedback from your group participants."

Poll in WhatsApp

How to see the results

To see your poll statistics you need to be a registered user. Follow the link: and the main page with all your created polls will open. Click the poll card and a separate page with detailed voting information will open.