Unfortunately, we are closing the project. handypolls.com will become unavailable on March 10, 2024. Embedded polls that have been requested to be displayed from third-party sites since February 1, 2023 will be available for at least another year, but only in read-only mode (voting in embedded polls will no longer be available from March 10, 2024).

Polls in WhatsApp

WhatsApp doesn’t have any built-in instruments for creating votes. However, if your audience is in WhatsApp groups you can create a poll at HandyPolls and copy it in the supported format.

Vote directly from WhatsApp

No need to upload the mobile app. Create a vote, choose “Vote in WhatsApp” option and send the ready message to the needed group. The users will just follow the link from WhatsApp group.

Instant results

After a vote the participants can instantly see the results on the same page. You can follow-up on the results in your profile.

Start using polls in WhatsApp

Create free WhatsApp poll